CSC Fashion Show | Jeilyné Santana
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Jeilyné Santana

Fashion Label

Jeilyné Santana Couture


Puerto Rico


Jeilyné Santana is a young, thriving, Puerto Rican designer with just over 5 years of experience in the fashion industry. Her work has been highlighted for the audacity in her designs, with her collections focusing on Prêt-à-Porter and unconventional bridal designs.

Jeilyné’s designs are defined by their sophisticated style. All of her pieces possess an exquisite and unique personality. Patterns, illustrations, embroidery, and lace are key elements of her collections. Her unique style and talent brought about a wonderful opportunity in February 2016, when she became the first Puerto Rican designer to present a showcase in the DC Fashion Week. On February 2017 she presented her first bridal collection in the New York Fashion Week.

Jeilyné has a unique way of envisioning fashion, resulting in a continuous evolution of her style. As she shares her styles and designs with the world, she strives to give the gift of inspiration to her clients, encouraging them to never stop embroidering their dreams. Jeilyné Santana proudly creates each pattern and design with care and meticulous detail in her studio, offering only the best quality products to her clients.

Jeilyné received the CSC 2017 “Emerging Designer Award.”