Quinton Pearson was born on 23rd February,1992 on the Essequibo Coast of the South American country, Guyana. Being the youngest child to his parents, he had a chance to learn many things from his older siblings.

Growing up, his interest in art and craft kept developing. In middle school he started creating little dresses for his friend’s dolls. He was the guy all his friend’s would approach to get their drawings done for assignments and it continued throughout his high school life as well. He attended the Abram Zuil Secondary School and graduated in 2008 with a Distinction in Visual Arts.

After soul searching for his life’s purpose, Quinton realized he wants to do something that makes him happy as well as others, so he then pursed studies in Garment Construction and Fashion Design at the Burrows School of Art 2014- 2017, where he was thought the fundamentals by Lecturers from Trinidad and Tobago.

He launched his fashion brand with the name “HOUSE OF PEARSON” in August 2014, and since then, has continued on his journey to improve his skills and talents as he intends to make a greater impact in Guyana and around the world by improving on quality and uniqueness of his work.

Quinton is a well-known fashion designer for numerous pageants in Guyana. Miss Global International, Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Teen Scholarship and even the Mother & Daughter Beauty Pageant with Best Gown awards for all of the above mentioned. He also dabbles in many other aspects of fashion designing; Swimwear, Creative wear, Resort and most recently, Men’s wear.

House of Pearson has showcased its various collections at many shows in Guyana, most of which were charitable events.

On 15th February, 2020, Quinton hosted his first ever independent show called the House of Pearson Couture Show 2020.

Quinton was awarded the Caribbean Style & Culture 2018 “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE – “FASHION INNOVATION”