“CSC Award of Excellence”

ELIETTE LESUPERBE is a French Stylist and Fashion Designer from Guadeloupe. She has been working in the fashion industry for the past ten years and is among the best in the French Caribbean. She is presently located in Abymes, Guadeloupe.

Fashion and design have always been a passion of Eliette, which led her to work in this field. Her passion for the fashion industry became evident by the affirmation of her taste, as well as the observation of the beauty of the world.

Her career path started with a basic training, which led her to Paris in a Fashion school, and the completion of a Master 1 in Guadeloupe.

In her pursuit of perfection, she combines elegance with creativity in her own fashion style. Eliette’s desire to enhance the fashion of both genders has allowed her to put her own footprint in the fashion industry. Her creativity is strongly influenced by African, European and Caribbean origins.

Eliette LESUPERBE believes that to do this job, you need to be passionate, rigorous, focused and creative enough to bring out the true beauty in others. Her sources of inspiration are constantly evolving, in order to meet the needs of her clients, as well as the trends that are changing within the fashion industry.

Within the framework of the Guadeloupean Fashion industry, Eliette LESUPERBE has been requested to attend several events on the local, national and international level, such as: Hair World, Paris Trade Fair, Style Week Jamaica and The Touch of France which was organized by the French Ambassador of Jamaica, in collaboration with the French Institute of Cooperation with the Caribbean (ICFC).

Over the past decade of her career, Eliette has garnered a vast amount of exposure, having participated in scores of notable fashion events both locally and internationally including:
Plitz New York Fashion Week, Black Expo Design in Canada, The Premiere Fashion of Martinique, Fashion Week of Bruxelles; Martinique Fashion Week, Haiti Fashion Week and many more. In 2018 Eliette was Awarded the “CSC Award of Excellence”