Bijou Lakay is a daring and innovative fashion jewelry brand that holds true to Caribbean traditions, whilst creating unique and bold statement pieces guaranteed to turn heads….

Bijou Lakay is a line of jewelery accessories, individually crafted by hand by a community of artisans. These ferocious art workers come from different parts of the country and migrated to the Haitian capital to seek a better life.

Using only the ancestral methods handed down from previous generations, and rudimentary equipment, these men have dedicated their lives to their work. They learned from their elders, bruising and burning their hands along the way, to produce these stunning bullhorn products.

Bijou Lakay goes beyond this extraordinary concept. The line combines this centuries-old art with a contemporary style that is free and unique. Bullhorn is one of the most difficult natural materials to work with, demanding special care and patience. This is combined with wooden? typically cedar or mahogany? elements, and then within the limited-edition collections comes the addition of gemstones such as turquoise, jasper, malachite and pearls.

Why jewelry and nothing else? Because a piece of jewelry alone can transform anyone who wears it at the right time. The bullhorn transcends boundaries, and can be worn equally in the office, at the mall, or at cocktail parties. The Bijou Lakay line has quietly provoked a questioning of our identity. It brings us back unconsciously to our roots, reminding us of our Caribbean status. It is also the symbol of our cultural miscegenation.

The vision of the designer, is that each person who wears a Bijou Lakay creation can feel special and unique.