Project Description

Ryan Samuel Berkeley, a native Guyanese, grew up always hearing the sound of the sewing machine at work in his home. When he was nine years old he took on art as a form of expression, always drawing and coloring at school where he would usually outshine the other students at sewing and designing.

In 2010 he was given his debut in the local fashion industry as a contestant on a local television show where he captured audiences far and wide with his unique sense of style, and ability which always radiated. With one year’s experience, he was given the task of creating his own line. He went on to complete runway shows including the prestigious fashion event Designer/Stylist Portfolio, where he shared the stage with other prominent local designers.

As a fashion creator and trendsetter, resourceful in finding contemporary ways of incorporating everyday life necessities and resourceful elements into his designs, he intends to broaden the mindset of Guyanese, so that fashion may become a lifestyle in Guyana.

In 2012 Ryan participated in Mission Catwalk is a fashion reality series created by Jamaican fashion designer Keneea Linton-George aimed at discovering and developing new talent. The Kingston-based show tests the creativity and skill of each contestant through various challenges.