Project Description

Chantney Renese is an artist and fashion professional. As Caribbean Style and Culture Fashion Show Director of 2016, this multicultural marvel strives to advocate for creativity and cultural awareness. She has worked internationally and has explored fashion in London, Paris, and the Middle East. Her work has also been displayed at the Green Design Athens in Athens Greece. In addition, she has appeared on the Style Network and FOX.

Chantney owns and operates Chantney Renese LLC, a fashion and lifestyle brand that revolves around multi-dimensional designs, cultural equality and women empowerment. This well versed marvel has created and produced a variety of fashion shows and community events focused on the African, Caribbean and Latin Diaspora. Chantney Renese has been responsible for styling clients for TV Shows, media events and beauty pageants. She has a natural gift of marketing and brand development.

With a positive spirit and gracious attitude, Chantney Renese has been able to achieve much success and touch the minds of others. Readers from all over the world enjoy her inspirational fashion blog.