Project Description

Wadada is an Amharic word that means ‘Love’.  This movement was created by twin sisters Ayanna & Asha Diaz, in the middle of 2010. Although never formally educated in fashion, both sisters have a great love for expressing who they are through their sense of fashion and style.  Born and raised in the Caribbean on the main island of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, these sisters have never conformed to the “What’s Hot” in Fashion.  The look they have created for themselves is a fusion of Cultured Royalty and Bohemian Chic, which was influenced by their travels throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

At a young age, the twins, as they are commonly known; designed a lot of their own outfits, as it was challenging for them to find pieces that matched their style and body structure. Over the years they received many questions and complements about the pieces they wore, and this drove them to establish a brand that would be available to everyone. Together the twins wanted to create a line of female clothing that reflected their personalities and their somewhat “out-of-the-box’ style.

To date Wadada Movement has kept to their mission by producing clothing that accentuates the female confidence while being made from love.  The sisters also kept to their mission by remaining humble within the ever-evolving Caribbean Fashion Industry.